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Mulch Installation – Winter Mulching | Stamford, Westport, Fairfield, CT

Mulch Installation – Winter Mulching | Stamford, Westport, Fairfield, CTAs a property owner, you most likely understand the importance of providing mulch for your trees, shrubs, and flower beds. It is widely know that applying mulch to your property will assist in preventing weeds, will work to retain moisture, and will keep your roots from freezing in the winter season or overheating in the summer. If you want to maintain a healthy landscape year round, they will need the necessary amounts of water and nutrient and providing mulch to your plants, flower beds and trees is essential for this to happen.

Based in Stamford, CT, PLT Landscape Contractors have many years of hands on landscape maintenance and mulching experience. We have provided some information below that will assist you in preparing your landscape with the addition of mulch, which will help to keep your landscape healthy and flourishing all year round.

Edge the landscape bed. By doing so, you will prevent the mulch from spreading onto your turf and it will also improve the appearance of your landscape. You can achieve this by either utilizing a shovel to dig roughly six inches around the edges of your landscape bed. You can aslo use landscape edging products that can be effective if installed properly.

Remove weeds from your landscape. Before you begin mulching, it is essential to remove all of the weeds from the area. Mulch is very effective in preventing weeds from sprouting up because it is capable of blocking out the sunlight. However, if a weed is not removed by it’s roots, it will be capable of forcing it’s way through the mulch.

Determine the proper amount of mulch that will be required. You can achieve this by measuring the length and width of the area in feet. Multiply these figures together to find the area in square feet. You must then decide how deep you would like to set you mulch. Typically, for most garden beds, trees, and bushes, approximately 3 inches is an appropriate depth. You can then take this information to the store and use it to figure out the appropriate amount of mulch required.

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It is important to protect all of the elements of your landscape during the winter months when temperatures drop. By applying mulch to your landscape you will be providing additional warmth and assist in preventing the roots of your plants and trees from freezing. Winter mulching is usually performed during the fall season and it is recommended that at least a 3-4 inch layer is applied.

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