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Spring Cleanup Services, Aeration, Overseeding Services | Stamford, Connecticut

Spring Cleanup Services, Aeration, Overseeding Services | Stamford, ConnecticutPLT Landscape Contractors of Stamford, Connecticut provides spring cleanup services to clients throughout Fairfield County and beyond. The spring time is a very important period to begin your landscaping and lawn maintenance, if you want to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn through the summer and fall months. We offer spring landscaping programs that can be customized to suite your specific landscaping maintenance requirements. We have the capability to maintain a landscape of any size and scope and design a plan that will remain within your desired budget. We will provide the foundation needed for a year-round healthy lawn, which will increase your curb appeal and be the envy of all of your neighbors. Some of our Connecticut spring cleanup services include:

  1. Remove leaves, sticks, and any other remaining debris from your lawn. As we begin the spring cleanup process for your lawn, or first undertaking is to remove any leaves and debris that may have accumulated on your property during the winter season. We will utilize rakes and leaf blowers to ensure that every last bit of debris is removed. We will also remove any old mulch that may remain in your flower beds. It is important to remove layers of old mulch, because over time it can build up and prevent your lawn, shrubs and plants from receiving the proper nutrients and hydration they will need to remain healthy.
  2. Perform light pruning for trees and shrubs to remove any dead or damaged branches. The most opportune time to perform pruning on your trees, plants, and shrubs is during the late winter and early spring season before they have developed their new leaves. PLT Landscape Contractors performs tree trimming and pruning services which will allow your trees and shrubs to steadily develop and address such tree care concerns as structural integrity, shape, and the overall health and natural beauty of your tree. Tree trimming is imperative because it clears away unhealthy or perilous limbs that can effortlessly break and fall in event of heavy weather conditions.
  3. Lawn aeration and dethatching services. Our aeration services involve an apparatus called core aerator, which extracts plugs of soil and thatch from the turf to separate compacted soil and establish additional room for air, water and fertilizer to gain access to the roots. This process creates a development of the root system for a thicker, and more vibrant lawn. Aeration also assists in preventing thatch, which can keep water, fertilizer and other nutrients from gaining access to the soil.
  4. Over-seeding services. Over-seeding is the practice of sowing additional seed over existing grass to bolster and restore your lawn. Over-seeding will make your lawn more durable and help it withstand such hazardous elements as insects, disease, drought, and heavy foot traffic. Over-seeding can actually help you to save money by reducing the amount of fertilizer, water and pesticides that needed to maintain a healthy lawn. The greatest advantage to performing over-seeding is you will achieve a renovated lawn that will appear greener, thicker and more vibrant.

The Spring season is a great time to get your yard looking healthy and beautiful for the upcoming seasons. Hiring the professional landscapers at PLT to clear your yard of debris, as well as reseeding your lawn, can be a great way help liven up your yard for greener grass the following year. With summer season quickly approaching, you owe it to yourself to spend more time with your family or focusing on your work. You don’t want to waste that precious time doing hard labor in your yard, which is why PLT Landscape Contractors can assist you with our Stamford spring cleanup services that will get your yard looking great for the spring season. Contact us today at (203) 356-1479 for a free consultation.

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